upper class
upper class
upper class
upper class
upper class
upper class

Defined : as a classification used to analyze human societies to describe their social class
(Upper Class)

Originated from the word burgher meaning a citizen of a town or borough,
and the word Borghese a person who lived in the center of a village

  • Began in medieval France
  • Constructed by Karl Marx and those who was influenced by him
  • Revolutionized industry and modernized society
  • You were considered upper class if you came from a higher employment, education, and wealth
  • normally preoccupied by respectability or material values.

There is also thePetite Bourgeoisie which is used to describe the class below Bourgeoisie
lower class
lower class
lower class
lower class
lower class
lower class

Bourgeoisie was more like "Mollie"

Reasons for the parallel between the Bourgeoisie and Mollie

  • When an animal checked Mollies Stall, there "were a little pile of lump sugar and several bunches of ribbon of different colours" (46)
    • Material Items: ribbons
  • "Between the shafts of a smart dogcart which was outside a public house, a fat faced man was stoking her nose and feeding her with sugar. her coat was newly clipped and she wore a scarlet ribbon around her forelock" (46)
    • Where located = middle class
  • Ran away which means she wants more and was not getting what she wanted at animal farm. ex: (animal farm = no lump sugar, no possessions, no electricity)
    • With red faced man - gets whatever she wants
  • "Mollie, the foolish, pretty mare drew Mr. Jones's trap...flirting her white mane" =
    • Acting like shes better and snobby
  • "She was late for work every morning and excused herself by saying that she had overslept" (45)
    • Acting like upper class by making excuses for not going to work on time, does not care.
    • Shows no interest in helping out animal farm

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