Czar Nicholas II

Born as: Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanovexternal image czar-nicholas-ii.jpg
Born on: May 18, 1868
Birthplace: Tsarskoye Selo, Russia
Died: July 16 1918 By execution
Description: 5'6, Blue eyes, Brown hair with golden highlights

  • Father was Alexander III, previous Czar of Russia
  • Inherited the throne at age 26 after the death of his father
  • Married Alix of Hesse (Alexandra Fedorovna) on November 26, 1894
  • Nicholas always put his country before anything else in life.
  • Nicholas II ruled from 1894 until he gave up his position as king on March 15, 1917
  • He offered the throne to his brother, Michael, who turned it down.
  • He left the government of Russia in the hands of Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna and her advisor Rasputin
  • Supervised the creation of the Trans-Siberian Railroad
  • He approved the Russian mobilization of August 1914 which marked the first serious step into World War I
  • Believed in absolute autocracy, like his father
  • Was an unpopular Czar according to the people because he neglected their needs
  • Khodynka Tragedy took place following his coronation.
    • Khodynka Tragedy took place in Khodynka Field, a military ground, during a celebration of the coronation. When guests went to get their share of food, they were trampled due to the trenches. 1,429 people died.
  • His reign ultimately ended when the people revolted and the government resigned

Execution: During the early morning hours of July 17 the Tsar, his wife,
children and servants were herded into the cellar of their prison

house and executed. They were burned and slaughtered and eventually burried in a mine shaft.

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