Leon Trotsky LeonTrotsky1897.jpg
10/26/1897 - 8/21/1940


  • In 1902 Trotsky joined Lenin's staff of Iskra( the spark), a communist newspaper.
  • In 1905 Trotsky participated in the first Russian Revolution, and in December he was elected Persident of St Petersburg Soviet.
  • In 1917 Trotsky becomes second in command after Lenin to the Central Committe of the Bolshevik Party.
  • After Lenin dies and Stalin takes over Trotsky is removed from Excecutive Committe of Comintern.
  • Stalin and Trotsky have opposite belifs on Communism.


  1. The Character that relates to Leon Trotsky is snowball.
  2. Snowball is a young pig who is very important to the start of animalism.
  3. He plays a large roll in getting rid of Mr. Jones, and also leads the animals in the "Battle of Cowshed".
  4. Snowball also looks up to Old Major, and is really trying to make a better life for all the animals.



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