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  • Pravda was a newspaper started by Leon Trotsky.
  • It began as an underground paper in St. Petersburg in 1912.
  • The paper was formed as a Russian Social Democratic newspaper, the audience was to be Russian workers.
  • Some of Pravda's earliest editors consisted of Stalin, Bera, Shepilov, and Molotov. All were Commmunist leaders.
  • Associates were often forced into hiding in order to continue publication
  • Pravda worded things to confuse readers of what was really happening


  • Spreads Napoleon's propaganda among the other animals
  • He justifies the pigs taking of the resources
  • He lies to point out the farm's "success"
  • To gain social and political control Squealer exaggerates the truth
  • Squealer is very sneaky and uses his intelligence against the other uneducated animals
  • Squealer changes the commandments to justify for the actions him and the other pigs have done
    • "Squealer...was sprawling beside it, and near at hand there lay a lanter, a paintbrush, and an overturned pot of white paint." (108)

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Parallels in Animal Farm: Quotes
  • "Squealer always spoke of it as a "readjustment," never as a "reduction" (112).

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